Launching of the international tender of the PV pilot plant in Palestine

In the framework of MED-SOLAR project, the launching of the tender to build the PV pilot plant in An-Najah National University Hospital in Palestine has begun. It consists on supplying and working for implementation of PV-Solar system.

All the sites, which are going to implement a pilot solar plant have been visited and verified. The functionalities of the EMS have also been defined and adjusted in order to cover and satisfy the needs of the 4 target countries and plants.

In the target countries the weakness of the grid allows neither the security of supply in critical facilities like hospitals, schools, etc. nor the proper development of the small and medium size industries. Instead of using exclusively generator, the MEDSOLAR project proposes a solution to reduce the use of this polluting and expensive mean by installing a solar PV system with a transient storage associated to the generators.

Invitation for the international tender