The MED-SOLAR Project built a PV Power Plant in Palestine

Energy Research Center, Partner of MED-SOLAR project implemented a photovoltaic plant in An-Najah hospital in Nablus, Palestine, which will allow filling the existing gaps of the electricity grids.

Energy Research Center Holds a Training Session and a Workshop on the MEDSOLAR Project

On Monday, December 21st, 2015 the Energy Research Centre at An-Najah held a training session and a workshop on promoting and implementing innovative solar technologies in public facilities and buildings as part of the MED-SOLAR project. The sessions were over two days from December 21-22, 2015.

PV Installation

Starting the Steel Structures and PV Panels Installation for the Construction of the Hybrid PV System at An-Najah University Hospital

Civil Work

Start Preparing the project site by conditioning the ground where the PV generator will be installed, to rectify the project land to fit with the installation.

Preparing the land needed for the installation of solar PV system in ANU university hospital

The contractor began paving the ground of project to fit with installation of steel structure which support the PV generator, using bulldozers to rectify the needed land for mounting the PV generator mounting in ANU university hospital.

Pre-installation site visit by the contractor

The contractor visit the installation site of solar PV system in ANU university hospital with Energy Research Center (ERC) team to elaborate a strategy for civil works of project site where the PV generators will be installed, and selecting a suitable location for electrical room.

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA), the leading partner, visited the An-Najah National University Hospital

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA), the leading partner of the project MED-SOLAR, visited one of the selected pilot sites for implementing a photovoltaic plant in order to transfer technological and technical know-how, the An-Najah National University Hospital in Palestine. TTA finished the lasts and technical preparations before the plant's construction process.

The electrical problem in Palestine

In Palestine, the weakness of public grids does not allow the supply security at critical facilities such as hospitals, schools and universities and research nor the successful development of SMEs.

Instead of using only fuel through diesel generators to mitigate these shortcomings, the project addresses a solution to reduce the use of this expensive and polluting medium by installing solar photovoltaic systems with intermediate storage subsystems connected to generators.

When grid is avail...

The sites selected by MED-SOLAR in Palestine

Energy Research Centre selected the site, in Palestine in order to implement photovoltaic pilot projects with a capacity of 50- 100 KWp

MEDSOLAR organizes a Workshop in Palestine

On Monday 1st of July in Nablus, Palestine, the Medsolar workshop took place in cooperation with Energy Research Center at An-Najah National University which aims to highlight the idea of the project, in order to present the findings of the project and the activities that will be elaborated and achieved.