In Palestine the weakness of the grid allows neither the security of supply in critical facilities like hospitals, schools, etc. nor the proper development of the small and medium size industries. Instead of using exclusively generator, the MEDSOLAR project proposes a solution to reduce the use of this polluting and expensive mean by installing a solar PV system with a transient storage associated to the generators. When the grid is available, the PV energy is injected to grid. In case of grid interruption, the back-up is guaranteed by the PV system coupled with generator if the PV generation is not enough. A transient storage system will secure the continuity of the supply for very short-term variations of generation or the time that the generator switches on.

The technology transfer will be assured by the organization of training activities and workshops and the implementation of the pilot projects. Workshops and dissemination events will be the major participatory processes aiming the promotion of cross-border networks of stakeholders. Beneficiaries and stakeholders will be selected carefully to ensure the sustainability and development of the project.

The situation of final beneficiaries will improve by reducing costs and increasing the energy demands. On long-term scheme, the population will also have direct benefits like continuity of supply, reduction of cost for alternative source of energy or reduction of pollution.