Civil Work

Following on from the successful award and delivery to date of the site preparation works, the contractor shall undertake the civil work as follow:

- Pre-installation site visit to elaborate a strategy for civil works considering the space available, distance between sun-systems, shading and condition of project site where the PV generators will be installed, and to select a suitable location for electrical room

- Preparing the project site by conditioning the ground where the PV generator will be installed, using bulldozer, if necessary, to rectify the project land to fit with the installation.

- Building the technical room which has the following characteristics:

  • Protected from water and dust.
  • Capability to stand strong wind.
  • Has properly ventilation system to evacuate the evaporation gas from batteries and excess heat from electronic equipment.
  • Has a lock to be protected by unauthorized person.
  • The minimum dimension of the room is 5.3m L * 3m W * 2.7m H , to fit all equipment in proper conditions.