Signing the Contract

Signing the contract

Once the successful tenderer has been awarded the contract, it is important to manage the contract effectively.

The effective contract management is important to maintain the communication channel with contracting authority to build a strong and sustainable working relationship, so the chances of conflict or misunderstanding is reduced.

The winner tenderer when adhere to contract condition, for example, delivering the materials and services on time, meeting all work requirement and specification and performing to the high standard ...etc, will build a positive image of reputable, the capabilities of Completion of work and trust-worthy company in the market.

The draft of the work contract of Construction of a PV hybrid power plant tender with general and special conditions is here.

The contract is a binding document, so tenderer is obligated to legally comply with the terms and conditions stated, and meet their responsibilities within the contract. The same goes for the other contracting party. They are also bound by the terms of the contract and are required to uphold their obligations.