Tender Evaluation

tender evaluation procedures are a stage in procurement process which allow for a contracting authority to identify which one of the tenders is the best one on the basis of the pre-announced award criteria.

So, Once the tender have been submitted and opening session was occurred, then the tenders will be evaluated. this process involves an assessment of tenders against the criteria referred to the invitation document of tender as well as analysis of the strengths and weakness of submitted tender.

Each tender will be examined by the evaluation tender to check that each one :

- has been properly signed.

- all the elements in the administrative compliance are acceptable

- has a complete documentation and information

- substantially complies with the requirement of these tender documents

If the tender does not meet the requirement, it may be rejected by the evaluation committee, when admissibility checking. So, if the tender pass the initial compliance check, then it will be proceed to be considered against the tender selection criteria.

The selection criteria that the tender will be evaluation on:-

- Technical evaluation, include: (score weight in total = 1000 point )

1. expertise of firm/organization (300 point  = 30% of score weight )

2. proposed methodology, Approach and implementation plan (400 point = 40% of score weight)

3. management structure and key personal (300 point  = 30% of score weight )

- Financial evaluation:

Many organization assess tenders based on " value of money", of course, the price is an area of evaluation, but this does not necessarily mean that the cheapest price will win the tender, so the tender will be determined to be either the lowest price or the most economically advantageous.

The evaluation method to be used in selecting the most responsive proposal, will be combined scoring method using 70%,30% as score distribution on technical and financial evaluation, respectively.

The rating will be done presented below:

-      Rating the Technical proposal (TP):


  • TP Rating = (Total Score Obtained by the Offer/ Max. Obtainable Score for TP) x 100


-      Rating the Financial proposal (FP):


  • FP Rating = (Lowest price Offer/ Price of the Offer Being Reviewed) x 100


-      Total Combined Score:


  • (TP Rating) x 70% + (FP Rating) x 30% = Total Combined and    

Final Rating of the Proposal

Once evaluation process is completed, a tenderer will be selected and notified of their successful, the other tenderers will also be notified of their unsuccessful submission.

Summary of evaluation result is here.

Successful Tenders

Once evaluation process is completed, the successful tenderer will be notified of the outcomes and awarded the contract. the terms and conditions of contract are outlined in the invitation in tender dossier.

Where contract is a legally binding document, it is important to have a complete understanding of the terms of contract before signing to ensure each party that understand their rights and responsibilities.

The outcomes of tender process are publicized on the website, however, note that the private and confidential information such as a proprietary and intellectual property details will not be published in accordance with Data protection section in tender dossier.

The rank of companies in evaluation result is here