Methodology of selecting the site for project

Machrek Energy Development- Solar (MED-Solar) which is implemented under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme is an energy project , seeks interesting potential beneficiaries willing to benefit from this program which will be implemented in partnership with institution; TTA, UPC, SOLARTYS, CEA, ERC and NERC, Selecting appropriate location for project by using " Application form for pilot project in west-bank" .

There are many aspect to conduct through application form, the level of details depends on the size and scope of project , the type of PV system to be installed, and where and how it will be installed.

So. Energy Research Center (ERC) in An-Najah National University use the application form to collect information about the local conditions and issues may affect the proposed PV installation.

This information is documented through photography, drawings, registrations, notes, measurements, authentication and commitment letters, reports, activities and staff .

Obtaining the necessary information in application form helps in selecting suitable facility to install the commercial scale photovoltaic (PV) system.

The details of obligatory requirements and the score outcome for each institution are represented in " Evaluation of application forms for the pilot project in West Bank" . According to the above results of evaluation , the ERC selected the Hospital of An-Najah as a target location for implementation of PV solar pilot project.